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About the trailer:
  • 1947 Main-Line Silver Lark 16 foot total/14 foot box.  
  • Only produced for 2 years from 1947-1949.  
  • Owned for 5 years. 
  • Currently not titled due to previous owner not providing an Affidavit of Lost Title.  Title is being obtained through the WSP (takes 3 years and is currently in year 2)  Can be transfered to new owner and after the total 3 years can be titled in owners name.
  • Only found 6 or 7 others that are in existence.  This is the only one on the road that I know of.
What's New:
  • Interior Painted in 2009
    • previous owners painted over birch interior with flat paint.  
  • Bearings removed and packed in 2009
  • New wiring throughout interior and exterior in 2009
  • Rims painted in 2009
  • Hitch Painted 2012
  • New tires in 2012
  • New Copper from propane tank to stove in 2013
  • Repurposed roof vent installed in 2012 - had a leak that was fixed in 2013

Unique styling.  Should have the door repaired at some point.  It works fine, but should be restored for best results.

Front banquet can be made into a bed by removing table leg and lowering down.  Cushions re-done in 2009.  Storage under both seats.

Original propane heater.  Propane has been disconnected and it's only for looks.  Repainted in 2009

New copper to the stove added in 2013.  Tested and works great.

Front panel drops down and the cover is held up with a wing-nut attached to a shelf.  All original.

New lighting and wiring was added to the banquet area in 2009.  Switch located to the right of the top cabinets over stove.

Front panel in the closed position.  All hinges, screws and latches were polished in 2009.

Closet and vanity area.  All wood fronts on doors/cabinets were sanded, stained and new hardware added in 2009.  Most drawer pulls were missing or damaged when the trailer was purchased.

The Ice-Box.  Use 1 or 2 blocks of ice on the top shelf to keep items cold in the fridge.  Works great.  The black hose in the back is the drainage for the melted blocks and goes down through the floor to the ground below.

Original linoleum from 1947. When the trailer was purchased the entire floor was covered in flat paint drips.  I meticulously removed every paint drip and resealed the floor using poly-acrylic.  Should be done again for optimal wear.

The back of the trailer.  There are 2 magazine racks on each side of the back window.  The walls are carpeted with an industrial carpet up to the window area.  There is storage below the bed.  The bed can fit a full/double, but currently has a brand new twin mattress still in the wrap.

Wardrobe closet.  Has the original broom storage.  The "seat" looking area is the wheel well.

Countertops in the kitchen galley are original and could be updated.  Sink & faucet work great.  The drainage goes our to a hose bib located in the wheel well.  I usually have a small pail that I use to catch the grey water.

All taillights and markers were updated before I bought the trailer.  You can see the holes below from the original tail lights.  They have been filled with caulk to keep it water tight.

All window trim in the trailer was removed, sanded and stained to match the cabinetry.  New screws and beauty washers were added in a brushed nickel finish.

Close up of the new lighting.

Another bedroom shot.

Original hitch.  I have traveled with this trailer to Prosser and back and never had a worry about this hitch.  For updating and safety, it should probably be swapped for a newer more efficient hitch.  

There is a light switch and power outlet to the back of the vanity.  

Could be polished easily.  

Unique window styling.  All screens are in tact.  

Roof vent was replaced in 2012.  It's a repurposed vent from an early 50's Aljo (Karen Bates' old one).  The trim around the vent needs to be replaced and/or painted.  

The tires are new and in great shape.  Bearings were removed and packed in 2009.

Brand new propane tank added in 2012.  All new copper, regulator and hose added in 2013.    Running light wiring replaced in 2009.

Heather Scholten

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  1. Hi Heather! I have found another one of these campers, a 1949, for sale in my area. I'd love to know what you think one of the campers would be worth. It's in good shape and we would plan to use it. I love what you've done with yours! It's so cozy and inviting.

  2. Hello- We just found one of these trailers in a field and talked the owner into giving it to us for the benefit of removing it. It is in pretty rough shape but I am so excited! I am using your post as hope for what it can be (with time and love). If you have any advice on things you would have done differently, or challenges you found... please let me know.

  3. Nice renovations. The trailer is looking good. Having only been produced for 2 years I can only imagine how difficult it is to find some pieces and parts. You're doing great!

    Keith J