Guess What? It's FC time again!!

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Ya ya, I know.  I never ever ever update this blog.  Well if you follow along on Farmgirl Gourmet you may notice that I haven't posted there in a few weeks either.  Life has been busy to say the least.  After this weekend away with my gal pals, I am looking forward to settling in for several weeks of food, family, sun and fun!

But's glampin time!

Each year a bunch of ladies with vintage trailers get together and glamp over the weekend of the Farm Chicks Show.  We all load into trucks, vans, anything with space for treasure transport and head to the show.  Then we head home to our tiny trailers and share the goodies we found around a roaring fire with martini's in hand.  It's like not other "camping" you'll ever experience.  I will be posting some photos and recipes on at the beginning of next week so stay tuned.  Until then....wagons ho!

Heather Scholten

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