Day 1 - Restortation or PTT?

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Well, today was day 1 of working on my new trailer. I opened the door and was filled with ambition! Then my good friend came by and popped me back to reality! Yes, it's easy to think you can strip the entire trailer down to the bones and put it all back together shiny and new in no time flat, but the reality is, that's not possible, unless you don't have a full time job, kids, a farm and life in general. So, I have resorted to plan B in order to have the trailer road ready by June. Plan B = Polish the Turd. Plain and simple. :) I hit The Home Depot and bought a gallon of paint, some poly and stain and will start "polishing" in the morning. My plan is to poly the flooring....the original floor covering is similar to wallpaper and is scuffing easily, so it should be a little more resilient with a few coats of poly over it. Then on to painting the cabinetry (which was already painted by the last owners) a new fresh coat of pale yellow and white. I bought some new lights, but am not sure how they will work out. I may have to just get the ones I really want from the Vintage Trailer Supply company. I will post some photos tomorrow of the progress, but for now, I'm signing off for the night.

Heather Scholten

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  1. hahaha!,,, PTT..... I am still rolling on the floor!!

  2. soooo,,,,how's it coming? is PTT ready to "Rock-n-Roll"??? lol!