WELCOME HOME Silver Lark!!!

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After several disappointments, I finally have my very own vintage trailer!! Above is a very rare 1947 Silver Lark made by Main-Line Trailer Coach Co. in Los Angeles, CA. It's all original, but pretty rough. It will definitely be a project for many years to come, but she made the 3 hour trip with no issues. I'm looking forward to giving her a little retro redo. I'll post more pics soon!

Heather Scholten

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  1. She's a beaut!!!!! I am "green eyed"....lol!

    1. I have one of these for sale. Call 406-212-5561

  2. I too just got my hands on one. In the process of restoring it. The sink and cabinet area are original as is the closet. Not sure what to do about the windows. Some were replaced with plexiglass.